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KOM CPC sign on lamp post
KOM CPC sign on lamp post

KOM CPC Programs

Bike Patrol

KOM CPC Bike Patrol

The Bike Patrol is essential for patrolling the KOM CPC’s 28-square kilometer area, roughly 40% of Vancouver’s land mass. In addition to community patrols, our high-visibility CAN-BIKE certified volunteers carry out crime prevention activities requiring fast-response such as VPD-issued crime alerts and Theft From Auto (TFA) audits.

Night Patrol

KOM CPC Volunteers In Night Patrol

Unique to the KOM CPC, our high-visibility Night Patrol executes after-dark patrols focused on areas experiencing increased activity. Focused on deterrence and awareness, patrol routes are chosen using VPD crime statistics and neighbourhood input to maximize visibility. Night Patrol does not intervene in crimes.

Daytime Patrol

Daytime Foot Patrol By KOM CPC Volunteers

Volunteers participating in Daytime Foot Patrol are one of our main methods of engaging and educating residents, and may provide VPD crime alerts in the event of increased criminal activity.

ICBC Speed Watch

KOM CPC Volunteer Participating In Speed Watch

In partnership with ICBC, high-visibility Speed Watch volunteers are deployed on roadways to gently remind motorists to reduce speeds and keep eyes on the road.

Vehicle Audit Patrol

KOM CPC Volunteer Conducting A Vehicle Audit

Volunteers are dispatched to areas experiencing increased ‘theft from auto’ crime, handing out educational anti-theft notices and providing deterrence.

Child Find

Child FInd At KOM CPC

We proudly implement and support the Child Find initiative. With parental permission, a child’s information, appearance and fingerprint is documented in a convenient Child Find card. The card is kept by the parents, in the event the child’s information is required by first-responders or law-enforcement officials.

Events & Outreach

KOM CPC Volunteers At Pink Shirt Day

KOM CPC participates in community events, providing crime-prevention information and services such as Project 529 Garage and Child Find. If you would like KOM CPC to participate in your next event, just email us!

Project 529 Garage

Project 529 At KOM CPC

KOM CPC participates in Project 529, providing cyclists piece of mind by registering and identifying their bicycle. Registration is FREE and can take place at the KOM CPC office or during community events.

Log It or Lose It

Log It Or Lose It Program Logo

Log It or Lose It is a program to help increase the likelihood of property recovery in the event of theft. KOM CPC provides resources and assistance.

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