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KOM CPC patrol in residential neighbourhood
KOM CPC patrol in residential neighbourhood


KOM CPC Mission Statement

The KOM CPC dedicates itself to helping area residents and businesses prevent criminal activity while being a positive, proactive bridge between our neighbours and the Vancouver Police Department.

KOM CPC Information & Scope

The KOM CPC’s jurisdiction is home to a vibrant, diverse population. As part of Patrol District Four, our area is nearly 40% of Vancouver’s landmass, encompassing the majority of Vancouver’s west side communities including:

Arbutus Ridge (South)
Dunbar – Southlands
Hillcrest – Riley Park
South Cambie

The KOM CPC is a registered non-profit, overseen by a volunteer board and staffed by an Executive Director and a Volunteer Coordinator. Our operation is reliant our dedicated core of volunteers ranging in ages and backgrounds, all working together towards a safer, friendlier community.

Crime prevention activities include area patrols by foot and bike. Awareness activities include public outreach at area events and via our active social channels.

The Beginning of KOM CPC

In early 2000, the Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole Community Policing Center (KOMCPC) was established by a group of citizens desiring a centre to address public concerns about community safety.

In the late 1980’s-onwards, the Oakridge area experienced an increase of crime due to expansion of the nearby mall. With the closure of the neighbourhood’s police sub-station, the community lacked a visible policing presence.

In February 1998, residents formed a focus group at the Oakridge Senior’s Centre with the goal of improving community safety and awareness.

At the same time, the Marpole Oakridge Area Council Society (MOACS) sought a location for its members to access crime prevention information.

Later that year, the Vancouver Police Department advised both organizations to work together, and assigned a full-time constable to the area. Office space on 5655 Cambie Street was donated by Dr. Chun Gunn, and furnishings were provided by volunteers and the VPD.

Opening on July 5th, 1999, the Marpole Oakridge Community Policing Centre would later extend its area into Kerrisdale thanks to volunteer efforts.

KOM CPC Partners In Safety

The KOM CPC partner swith many Vancouver-area and British Columbia agencies to promote safety awareness and crime-prevention activities. As a non-profit organization, our operation is reliant on funding and grants from many public and private sources.

Community Policing Centre's

The KOM CPC is one of 11 Community Policing Centre’s in Vancouver. Operating in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department, the Community Policing system is regarded as a model worldwide.

Aboriginal CPC
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Chinese CPC
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Collingwood CPC
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Grandview-Woodland CPC
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Granville Downtown South CPC
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Hastings – Sunrise CPC
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Kitsilano Fairview CPC
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South Vancouver CPC
Website | 604-717-2940 |

Strathcona CPC
Website | 604-717-0622

West End – Coal Harbour CPC
Website |  604-717-2924 |

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